Beauty & The Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a one hour, two handed, musical comedy love story.


 Photo Credit: Tom Gould

Photo Credit: Tom Gould

Pompous Alan is a classically trained musician and actor who has spent his entire career trying to enlighten the ignorant public to the 'joys' of high art. With his wife, Cynthia, Alan has spent his professional life preaching to the beer-swilling tone deaf.

On this night, to alan's shock, his long suffering spouse vanishes to pursue her dream of television stardom, and is replaced by her hairdresser, Sandra-Mae! Sandra-Mae insists she knows the act perfectly, having heard it in the salon for the past seven years.

For the next fifty-five minutes hilarity ensues as the pair playfully (and sometimes violently) wrangle over the true definition of musical entertainment. Filled with both original and classic rock, pop, and jazz music, the pair dazzles the audience with perfectly timed and defined characters, sketches, skits, songs and multi-instrumental skills that leave the audience hungry for more. Not to be missed, Beauty and the Beast is a perfect pre-dinner cocktail that fizzes with class and plenty of funny!

Alan and Sandra-Mae have (separately or together) performed in four Edinburgh Festival Fringes, starting as far back as 1987! Alan spent a year and half at the Criterion Theatre in London as part of the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Additionally, Alan and Sandra-Mae have been seen at the Leicester Comedy Fest, Brighton Comedy Fest, Glasgow Mayfest, Calgary Improv Fest (with Colin Mochrie), Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Seattle Festival of Improvisational Theatre (SFIT), Ottawa International Jazz Festival, The Vancouver Fringe Festival, and even the Penticton Peach Festival! Alan was also a company performer of Showstopper! - The Improvised Musical for the 2010 Hong Kong tour. Alan and Sandra-Mae have appeared numerous times at North Vancouver's Friday Night Live show since 2014 and additionally played to sold-out houses for the Christmas 2016 run of David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries at Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver. Beauty and the Beast can currently be seen in weekly performances at the Anne MacDonald Studio in North Vancouver.


The pair have been seen on many television and radio shows including

Wake Up in the Wild Room for ITV/Disney, The New Alexei Sayle Show for ITV, The Jo Brand Show for ITV, The New Bundolo Show for CBC TV, The Happening for B Sky B, The Bootleg Broadway Show for Tyne Tees TV, Now What? For Crucial Productions/ITV, The early Edition for CBC TV, The Impro Musical for BBC Radio 2, Gemini Apes (with Christopher Lee) BBC Radio 4, Journey to Space for BBC Radio 4, Galahad at Blandings (with Ian Carmichael) for BBC Radio 4, Figure with Meat (with Clive Merrison) for BBC Radio 4, Batman-The Lazarus Pool (with Bob Sessions and Michael Gough) for BBC Radio 4. Alan has also voiced many characters in many animated feature films including, Planet 51, Back to Gaya, Globi, Ghost in the Shell (the Akira sequel), and most recently as Cacofonix the Bard in Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods.


Both (Sandra-Mae & Alan) carried off the evening with admirable skill and class, and I would certainly recommend seeing them for an evening of great fun and humour!
— Christian Steckler
Alan and Sandra-Mae have incredible on-stage chemistry that mesmerizes audiences.
— Monica Smaak
The two actors, Alan and Sandra-Mae are fabulous in their roles and blend together perfectly to create a wonderful one hour production!
— Katie Bennison